Why Jaw Drop Marketing?

We Make it Personal

Who do we think we are?

We are Jaw Drop Marketing. A brand name you won’t forget easily. A memorable brand proves to be a huge advantage when information overload is a daily phenomenon. How many marketing companies do you know by name? Exactly, not a whole lot.

Building a positive, attention grabbing message directly from just the brand’s name is quite an accomplishment. With 25+ years of experience, we’d like to think that we know the drill. But we are also aware that our society and online technologies are changing everyday. So there’s still a lot to learn – for everyone.

We’re a dynamic, forward thinking bunch with a common goal: Connecting people with your business by Making it Personal. Why is that so important? Because making genuine connections with your audience is the key to achieving business success.

Today, people are becoming more interested about your values, your credibility, and your attitude before they’ll even consider reaching to you. Beware: What you say about yourself doesn’t matter that much anymore. What really counts is what other people say about you. And for people to say good things about your brand, you have to walk the talk. We can help make that happen.

The advantage of “Knowing vs Assuming”

The marketing strategies we apply are based on a very basic principle: Give people what they want. We didn’t invent this – it’s just common sense. For example Nike, BMW, and Apple (to name a few) are using these strategies everyday. They’re putting serious time into finding out what people actually want and how they want it.

Putting yourself in the position of Knowing vs Assuming is really worth time, money, and effort. Remember: When you make the wrong assumptions, you’ll take the wrong actions, and get the wrong outcomes. But when you’re really sure about what people want, say, and search for — guess what — they will buy when you give them what they want.

So why Jaw Drop Marketing?

We utilize big brand marketing strategies on a small business scale. Because it works.

Our content marketing system will make you interact directly with your audience. With a brand designed to Make it Personal. All the while using today’s marketing channels. This will enable you to build valuable relationships one click at the time.

Let us know when you need help. There are no commitments to asking questions!

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At Jaw Drop Marketing, there are no commitments or obligations attached to asking questions. Sound fair?

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So why hire Jaw Drop Marketing?
Here's why: We Connect people to your business. And why is this important? People do not connect with business. They only connect with people. And the business that connects best... is preferred. Not an easy task. But wouldn't it be great if that was you?

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