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Today’s marketing landscape is driven by results. To attract new clients, it’s essential to stand out in your marketplace. At Jaw Drop Marketing, our approach begins with an in-depth Competitor Analysis, laying the groundwork to understand your current market position and where you aspire to be. Success in business hinges on more than just offering a quality product or service. A strong online presence combined with a personal touch plays a pivotal role. Are you equipped with both? Let us assist you.

Swift RV Repairs

Amazing Startup

Global Reach Confections

Nationwide Coverage

Meyer Dental Group

meyer dental group

Patient Centred Excellence

Lead The Pack Consulting

Leading in Leadership

Swiss Denture Clinic

Best Affordable Dentures


Superb Online Education

Swift RV Repairs

Amazing Startup

Founded in 2015 with modest start-up capital, Swift RV Repairs in Airdrie, under the visionary leadership of owners and founders Dave and Marianne Forrest, set out to redefine the RV repair experience. Their mission was clear: to offer superior, faster, and more cost-effective service than traditional RV Dealer Repair Departments, where customers could face waiting times of over eight weeks.

Jaw Drop Marketing was instrumental in shaping the brand, ingeniously embedding the core customer benefit—swift RV repairs—right into the company name, ensuring it resonated from the very first client interaction.

The marketing strategy crafted for Swift RV Repairs was meticulously tailored to the needs of RV repair clientele, encompassing a dynamic website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Blogging, Online Advertising, and a robust Social Media presence.

In less than three years, Swift RV Repairs emerged as a leader in the Calgary area’s RV repair market, boasting multi-million dollar revenues and exceptionally satisfied owners.



Owners Dave & Marianne Forrest:

“Jaw Drop Marketing has done an amazing job in the development of our RV Repair business. We started working with them in 2015 and ever since our business has grown substantially every year. We learned that true marketing is not what you say about your business, but it is what others say about your business. Our 4.8 Google rating says it all, as well as our customers, who now, thanks to Jaw Drop Marketing, can find us everywhere on Page 1 in Google. Kudos to Jack, Astrid and their team of marketing professionals, we can’t say enough about them, as our business continues to grow. If you want to see great results, contact Jaw Drop Marketing.”

Dave & Marianne Forrest, Swift RV Repairs Inc.

Global Reach

Nationwide Coverage

Jaw Drop Marketing revolutionized the digital landscape for Global Reach Confections, propelling their brand to new heights in the competitive food distribution industry. By leveraging cutting-edge SEO strategies and a dynamic social media campaign, our team significantly enhanced online visibility and cultivated a robust social media presence that resonated with consumers. Sophisticated content, tailored to underscore the uniqueness and quality of Global Reach Confections’ offerings, became a benchmark for relevance, engaging a nationwide audience and fostering meaningful connections. This comprehensive approach not only expanded the client base but also substantially increased revenue, setting a new standard for success in the industry. With Jaw Drop Marketing, Global Reach Confections achieved an level of digital excellence, proving that the right partnership can transform potential into tangible results.



Owner Ed Tams:

“Before Jaw Drop Marketing handled our marketing, we were virtually invisible online. By now, Global Reach Confections has a nationwide online presence with our website, blogs and social media coverage. Thank you so much Jaw Drop team! “

Ed Tams, Global Reach Confections

Meyer Dental Group

Patient-centred excellence

Jaw Drop Marketing has been instrumental in redefining the digital footprint of Meyer Dental Group, leading to a significant increase in contacts, patients, and revenue. Through a meticulously crafted strategy that combined sophisticated SEO tactics, compelling website promotion, targeted online ad campaigns, and a vibrant social media presence, our marketing team not only elevated the brand’s visibility but ensured it resonated with the core values of Meyer Dental Group’s audience. The game-changer, however, was our innovative community-centered approach. By prioritizing engagement and cultivating genuine connections, we tapped into the heart of the target audience’s needs and preferences. This strategy was further bolstered by leveraging online reviews, turning patient testimonials into powerful trust signals.



Owner Dr. Tom Meyer:

“Jaw Drop Marketing’s comprehensive and empathetic approach has not just attracted more patients to Meyer Dental Group; it has fostered a real sense of community and trust that is rare in today’s digital age, proving that when marketing is done right, it can truly connect, engage, and thrive. “

Dr. Tom Meyer, Meyer Dental Group

Lead The Pack Consulting

Leading in Leadership Training

At Jaw Drop Marketing, we’ve played a pivotal role in sculpting the brand identity, crafting the core message, and producing compelling marketing collateral for Lead The Pack Consulting. By harnessing the power of sophisticated online marketing strategies, we’ve positioned Lead The Pack at the forefront of leadership training and courses across North America. Our bespoke approach, which blends innovative SEO techniques, targeted social media campaigns, and engaging content creation, has not only amplified their digital presence but also resonated deeply with their target audience. This strategic marketing synergy has elevated Lead The Pack Consulting from a promising enterprise to one of the leading providers in its sector, highlighting our commitment to transforming our clients’ visions into tangible successes. Through our partnership, Lead The Pack Consulting has seen unprecedented growth and industry recognition, marking a milestone in their journey towards becoming the epitome of leadership excellence.



Owners Peter Lijnse & Elka Schrijver:

“Jack and Astrid with their team at Jaw Drop Marketing are simply awesome. Since 2006 they have been behind all our marketing efforts that has been integral to our success. Always willing to go the extra step and coming up with new approaches or ideas. This has been a collaborative partnership where we both challenge each other to be better at what we do. Continuously, they help us to lead and succeed! “

Peter Lijnse, Lead The Pack Consulting

Swiss Denture

Best Affordable Dentures

At Jaw Drop Marketing, we are proud to have been a cornerstone in the rise of Swiss Denture in Calgary, establishing it as one of the most preferred denture clinics in the city. Our comprehensive digital marketing strategy, tailored specifically for Swiss Denture, has turned the tide in their favour. Through optimized SEO practices, we ensured Swiss Denture’s website ranks at the top of search engine results, making it the first stop for anyone in need of expert denture services. Our team’s creative efforts in crafting engaging blogs and compelling social media content have significantly enhanced online presence, resonating with both existing and potential patients. Additionally, our targeted email campaigns have kept their audience informed and engaged, fostering a sense of community and trust around the brand. This multi-faceted approach continues to attract a steady stream of new patients every month, demonstrating the power of strategic digital marketing when executed with precision and creativity.


Denturist Jennifer Auld:

“As the owner of Swiss Denture, I am thrilled to share my experience working with Jaw Drop Marketing. Their team has been instrumental in transforming our digital presence, making us one of the most preferred denture clinics in Calgary. Jaw Drop Marketing’s expertise in SEO, website optimization, engaging blog content, dynamic social media strategies, and targeted email campaigns has been a game-changer for us.

The impact of their work has been profound. Not only has our clinic seen an steady increase in new patients, but our reputation in Calgary has solidified. I cannot recommend Jaw Drop Marketing highly enough for their dedication, and the tangible results they’ve delivered for Swiss Dentures.”

Jennifer Auld, Denturist and Owner, Swiss Dentures


Superb Online Education

Jaw Drop Marketing took on the challenge of developing the brand, message, and marketing strategy for TMJ.today aiming to position it as a leading online education platform for medical professionals focused on Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Disorders. Recognizing the need for specialized knowledge in diagnosing and treating TMJ Disorders, Jaw Drop Marketing crafted a brand identity that emphasized expertise, accessibility, and community. The messaging strategy was designed to resonate with medical professionals seeking reliable, comprehensive, and up-to-date information on TMJ Disorders. Through a combination of SEO-optimized content, targeted social media campaigns, and engaging email marketing, Jaw Drop Marketing effectively spread awareness and built a strong online presence for TMJ.today. These strategic efforts culminated in TMJ.today not only reaching but engaging thousands of subscribers worldwide, thereby establishing it as a preferred global platform for TMJ education. This success showcases Jaw Drop Marketing’s ability to elevate specialized platforms through thoughtful branding and meticulously planned digital marketing strategies.


Dr. Curtis Westersund:

“As the founder of TMJ.today, I can confidently say that our collaboration with Jaw Drop Marketing has been transformative for our TMJ education platform. They developed a cohesive brand, message, and marketing strategy that perfectly aligned with our mission to educate medical professionals worldwide on diagnosing and treating TMJ Disorders.

The impact of Jaw Drop Marketing’s work on TMJ.today has been extremely valuable. Their strategic marketing efforts have not just attracted a wider audience but have also fostered a sense of community among medical professionals interested in TMJ Disorders. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking to elevate their online presence.”

Dr. Curtis Westersund, Founder of TMJ.today

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