Content Marketing – The Importance of Storytelling

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A good story is memorable and moving. It’s not limited to novels or the screen. For brands, it’s the perfect way to show their personality and their desired outlook on the world. Brands that live the story they tell in their content marketing is already doing better than their competitors. Why might that be? Authenticity. Authenticity is hard to come … Read More

Content Marketing – Think Global, Act Local

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Marketing Minute - Think Globally. Act Locally.

When it comes content marketing, “Think Global, Act Local” means to adapt to the global economy and to apply an effective local search strategy. Thinking globally means accepting the ongoing digital transformation that has unfolded before our eyes in these past decades. Without sounding like a textbook, people today would rather search, find, and select for themselves. To “Think Global” … Read More

Content Marketing – What is Good Content?

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Content Marketing - What is GOOD content?

When small business owners put themselves out there, they tend to jump on selling. For weeks now, we’ve been saying that content marketing is not about you, but about your audience and their journey. Thus, good content marketing is not about selling. Content marketing is about… Be aware that today’s shopper can buy anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow from anybody in … Read More

What Are They Googling? SEO for Small Businesses

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What are they Googling? - SEO for small businesses

Researching today begins with typing words into a search engine. Keyword research is one of the most vital and valuable activities in content marketing. Getting found on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo can make or break your online presence. Also, targeting for the right keywords on your part, attracts the right audience to your business. If I … Read More

Content Marketing is Part of the Customer’s Journey

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I want to start this week’s Marketing Minute blog with a big thank you to everyone that responded so warmly and with great interest to the web series. I read and respond to comments, so please don’t hesitate to post them. What is content marketing? Well to start, it’s not about reaching out like traditional advertising. It’s safe to refer … Read More

What is Content Marketing? An Introduction

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Marketing Minute with Jack

For a few years now, Jaw Drop Marketing has provided content marketing strategies for small and medium sized businesses. We work with a vast array of entrepreneurs and business owners that are benefitting from content marketing and its ability to connect with their audiences. Online and offline. But… I still hear plenty of business owners out there with questions about … Read More

10 Marketing Predictions for 2017 [Infographic]

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Marketing predictions for 2017

Are you ready for 2017? The art of small business marketing is changing rapidly. New marketing… channels are increasing daily. technologies are being offered daily. communication pieces such as press releases and blog articles are publishing daily. techniques are being implemented daily. Change is everywhere. They’re coming at you daily. Just in case you aren’t exactly prepared, we put together … Read More

Client in the Spotlight: Dr. Curtis Westersund, Dentalife

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Image of Calgary dentist, Dentalife - Dr. Curtis Westersund

If you have ever experienced or known anyone that is suffering from jaw pain or migraines caused by TMJ disorder, it may be worth your while to learn about a house name in dentistry. Dr. Curtis Westersund’s life-long career revolves around improving the lives of TMJ and sleep disorder patients. In fact, he’s seen as one of the pioneers of … Read More

Are you ready? It’s finally here!

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After months of feverish work, long sleepless nights, endless brain-storming sessions and too many cups of coffee to count…it’s here! The brand spanking new Jaw Drop Marketing and Jaw Drop Dental Marketing websites are finally ready to launch and we couldn’t be more excited. What’s inside? Let’s take a look! Now everything you could possibly need for a top of … Read More