Social media is evidently a crucial platform of information exchange and brand engagement, helping companies achieve a wider-stretching presence, prominence and profit.

When a company’s team of employees engage with and re-share company content, this can lead to company enrichment in multiple ways. Research collected by LinkedIn, Forbes and Mention shows that an employee-based social media sharing system is a powerful way to gain more robust exposure, credibility and client interaction.

We highly encourage your dental practice team members to participate with your practice’s social media accounts from their personal social media accounts by:

  • Liking shared posts on the practice account feeds
  • Re-sharing practice posts to personal social media accounts
  • Commenting on posts with an “@” tag to other accounts

These actions are beneficial because they can:

  • Extend company reach
  • Enhance company credibility
  • Elevate sales

Let’s Take a Closer Look

1. Extend Company Reach

When a team member simply likes a photo, this action is visible to the people who follow them and can increase visibility.

Commenting on a post and tagging another user in the same comment will directly attract the attention of the person who was tagged. This pulls the targeted user’s attention to your practice and can inspire them to re-share the well.

When posts are re-shared on employee social media accounts can inspire other users to:
View the source of the post + familiarize with your practice
Like, comment and/or re-share the post, creating even more exposure
Follow-up on the posts’ call to action

Employee social media advocacy can have very profitable results because:

  • On average, 70% of Instagram users have between 150–1000 followers
  • When an employee likes, comments and re-shares posts, the number of users who visit your profile can double
  • A company’s reach can then increase 561% more when employees share company content


2. Enhance Company Credibility

Employee social media engagement can also enhance your brand’s reputation. When an employee likes, comments or re-shares a post, your employee’s followers, and people who are outside of your practice’s immediate audience, are more likely to:
Build a trusting relationship with your practice
Re-share your content, creating a cycle of positive reinforcement
Accelerate the frequency of repetition and exposure of your message and services.

As a result, employee social media advocacy can:

  • Significantly increase your reach
  • Embed your message more deeply into users minds and memory
  • Foster even greater trust among existing and prospective clients


3. Elevate Sales

The power of employee social media engagement can significantly amplify the appeal and profitability of any business.

Marketing studies conducted by LinkedIn show that the most profitable social-media selling platforms shared 23% more content than less successful platforms. This content was re-shared across the separate personal accounts of each company’s sales & marketing team members.

The same study revealed that this strategy created 45% more opportunities to generate sales per quarter and even increased meeting sales quotas by 51%.

Bringing Your Team On-board

A connected, sharing team

Before directly asking your team to like, re-share and comment on posts, we highly encourage you to inform and educate them about why it is beneficial to both the practice and their individual professional presence.

When a team member engages with the practice’s collective content, it can:

  • Showcase their professional affiliations
  • Generate stronger individual professional credibility
  • Highlight specific skills and knowledge they possess
  • Generate a greater sense of personal pride in their contributions to the practice as a whole


To execute an social media sharing system with your team, we suggest:
Explaining the individual and collective benefits (outlined above) of engaging with the practice’s post by liking, re-sharing and commenting
Asking team members to like, re-share and/or comment on at least 1–2 post a week as a beginning point
They should be encouraged to do so on the social media platforms they are most comfortable with and enjoy.
Ensure that team members are aware that they should NOT upload a company post directly to their personal feed
The content should be re-shared to show that it belongs to the practice
Otherwise, this can break brand consistency and create a conflict of interest
Posts should be re-shared from the practice’s main platform versus published from a team member’s personal account
Ask your team for feedback and post ideas!
This can be a great way to generate unique, personable content and further encourage employee social media advocacy.

Let’s Get Growing!

Overall, the more positive social media exposure a business achieves, and the more people involved in creating this exposure, can clearly benefit businesses to a great extent.

Employee social media advocacy of your platform will help your message speak with greater volume and to a wider range of people. As a result, this can cultivate even greater reach, company credibility and lead generation, helping improve the lives of even more dental patients.

Dedicated to your success!

Jack Vanderlee
President / CEO

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