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Inside Out: When I met Jack Vanderlee from Jaw Drop Marketing, I was not looking or even thinking about working with someone regarding marketing. Our first conversation was not even about dentistry. It was about Banff National Park in Canada. (He lives in Calgary). Jack seemed less interested in my practice per se and more focused on me. It was then that I knew I wanted to explore working with him.

I called Jack and we spoke a few times and he came out to my office. I was expecting a meeting about advertising and marketing. But what I got was a day of Jack helping me define who I was, what I thought, and what my story was. All I could say was: Wow! Every other marketing person I ever met wanted to sell me something on who THEY thought I should be or was. This is your typical print media advertising, selling something. Jack helped me define who I was as a person, AND as a dentist. He guided me through a process of what I call Inside-Out. In my case, practice dentistry according to who I am, what I believe, what I stand for.

Our rebranding project (from Rose Dental to Good Health Dental) has allowed me to to love what I do – again. And that attracts those people to my practice, who resonate with who I am. Now they find me.

Over the years Jack has become not only a mentor, but a friend, especially during my recent heart attack. I owe Jack and his Jaw Drop Marketing team for helping me build the practice I always wanted, so I was able to go back to work in a place that is a reflection of me, a practice where Jack has helped show who I am. From the Inside – Out.Dr Scott Rose,

Our experience with the team at Jaw Drop Marketing has been entirely positive; from the relaxed meeting environment, to the crew of professionals that seem to have the answers to even our craziest of questions, my company’s needs have been surpassed at every milestone. Our search rankings on the major search engines are always on the first page and our customers have a very intuitive ‘first look’ at our company’s offerings to help them find the right solution for their needs. Our relationship with Jaw Drop has changed the way that we find new customers and their proactive team is fantastic to deal with.Tim Coli, Fortified ICS

I’ve been working with Jaw Drop Dental Marketing for about 10 years now. Over that time, I have gotten to know the owners Jack and Astrid Vanderlee really well.

Besides this team’s ability to provide remarkable, creative and effective dental marketing solutions, I experience an ongoing honesty and reliability that is truly rare today.

I would recommend getting in contact with them when you really want to see results. Feel free to contact me for more background info.Dr Curtis Westersund, Dentalife

Excellent work with our new website and new marketing strategy. Amazingly creative, original and unique. Most importantly: reliable. Thank you guys!Dr Mike Westman
Jack and team: thanks so much for your input, creativity and determination to make it all look AND work good. Happy with the results!Dr Gary Imm, All Smiles Care
It has been an amazing experience working with Jaw Drop Marketing. From the very beginning, Jack was great at listening to what I was looking for and coming up with a proposal that gave me exactly what I needed. After that, his team worked tirelessly to come up with a very creative name, brand and a website. This initial phase of my marketing plan was done with great collaboration with myself and the Jaw Drop Team. It was a great experience and one definitely made easier with their creativity, experience and expertise.

They did a fantastic job and I have gotten nothing but compliments and ‘wows’ with my business name, logo and website. They didn’t stop there, they carried the brand we created and spread it to all parts of my business and online. They’re continual support, monthly meetings and ongoing creativity is a major part of my marketing plan. I can’t say a negative word about Jaw Drop Marketing and would recommend them to any colleague of mine. They are an integral part of my business and one that I am grateful for.Dr Jay Patel,

Jaw Drop Marketing developed our new corporate identity (logo & tagline) and our strategic positioning in the Okanagan (BC) market place.

They were able to come up with a unique image and message for my practice. My website is ‘breathing’ exactly what I wanted, people can find me when they Google for dentistry services and my advertising campaign (billboard, print, radio) is on its way.

Jaw Drop Dental Marketing got me going in the right direction!Dr Shauna Palmer

We have been in practice for more than 14 years in Noblesville, Indiana. Providing top quality dental care with a commitment to personal attention is key to our business.

Jaw Drop Dental Marketing helped us to redefine ourselves again. Our corporate identity, marketing materials and campaigns are consistent, memorable and effective.Dr Mike Deldar

Previously, I was working with another internet marketing firm.
They were prompt at cashing the cheque – but very poor at delivering a great product. After wasting $30,000.00 I felt like a complete marketing sucker. A friend urged me to try Jaw Drop Dental Marketing. Thank God I switched.

Jack (the owner / president of Jaw Drop Dental Marketing) provided a clear vision of what was possible and then customized everything to my unique situation. The entire Jaw Drop team implemented a precise, professional plan of attack to develop and implement my marketing strategy.

This company is knowledgeable, savvy, and exacting without compromise. They work diligently to develop a long term relationship of trust with their clients. I am thrilled with their results and eagerly await the future that our business relationship holds in store.

Few people impress me… but Jaw Drop Dental Marketing will capture your attention.Dr Karstan Lachman, Cool Dental

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