Social Media Management

Pricing dependent on amount of social media channels, daily posts, required reach
American clients: USD • Canadian clients: CAD

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Social Media Management

Which social channels would work for you, and your business? Sure, we can do it all: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, Flickr, SnapChat, etc. But ‘doing it all‘ might be very expensive, too much work, and not effective at all.

First, we need to do some research to answer questions like:

• Which social channels is your target group using?
• Which social channels is your competition using?
• How much engagement would be satisfactory to you?

Remember, social media is not the same thing as advertising. You will need to engage in a conversation. And it’s not you who defines the conversation, they will. What do they talk about? How would they like to interact with you? Is what you sell, consistent with what they want to buy?

Let us help you find the right answers, and then build an effective social media strategy.

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