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Marketing Research


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Marketing Audit

Is your current marketing producing any results? How about your brand? What is your message? What is your value proposition? What is your strategy? Is your website performing? Do you have an social presence? Is your reputation as good as it should be? Is your business popping up when searching on mobile? Where are you advertising? Are you utilizing video marketing? To get the bigger picture about you and your company, schedule a marketing consultancy visit and we’ll talk.

SWOT Analysis

Together, we will define your company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.  Why? We need to know what sets your apart in your marketplace. We also need to determine how to improve your product, service, and communications. It’s important to know where your industry is going. Are there new opportunities on the horizon, or are new competitors threatening your business? Before doing anything… let’s find out!

Competitive Analysis

After collecting the necessary information about your company’s status, Jaw Drop Marketing utilizes sophisticated software to analyze this data. Besides that, we analyze your competitors data as well. Which competitor is ranking high on Google? Which market-player is winning on Facebook? Which companies have multiple positive reviews? The next question is: Why? We’ll find the answers to all competitor-related questions.

Recommendations Report

When all the questions are answered, we compile the information into a Recommendations Report. This report provides you with all our findings, data, and answers. More importantly, it will provide you the foundational components to build an effective marketing strategy.

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