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We know that the execution of a marketing strategy is not a solo sport. From what we see from our sources, today’s content marketing format requires a huge variety of skills. The individual that masters all these talents hasn’t been born yet.

That’s why, besides our core team members below, we utilize a virtual team of highly specialized freelancers from all over the world. Including: market researchers, consultants, copywriters, strategists, programmers, website developers, database specialists, photographers, IT technicians, video producers, graphic designers, animation pros, social media gurus, content managers, art directors, SEO & SEM professionals, sound engineers, reputation managers, media buy advisors, and many more.

But here’s what’s important to you: Our content marketing system ensures that all Jaw Drop Marketing’s team members have only one goal in mind: Connecting people with your business.

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Jack Vanderlee

President & CEO

Astrid Vanderlee

Graphic Design & Office Management

Vincent Tudor

SEO, SEM, IT Services

Anjelica Abarra

Project & Analytics Manager

Allie Ruddell

Project Manager

Melissa Vindevoghel

Website Development



Supervisor Supreme & Benevolent Overlord


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Here to make you succeed.


Creating an awesome difference.


Be you and be the best you can be.


Make the impossible happen.


Embracing change and opportunities.


Dare to go where others don’t.


Turn complex into simple.


Reach for success.


We’re here to make success fun!

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