Better yet: How to Make it Personal

Get found

Don’t be a needle in a haystack. Today’s marketing is not so much about finding customers. Actually, most of us are building fortresses to avoid unwanted sales pitches. Our recommendation: Get found where people are looking.

Our society is tired of intrusive marketing techniques. Let’s do a test:

  • Do you hate SPAM?
  • Tell telemarketers to bug off when they call you during dinner time?
  • Immediately close browser popups and banner ads without even reading them?
  • Shove the unread direct-mail pile in the trash can?
  • Like satellite-radio better because of the absence of commercials?

So do most people now.

Today, people go online first

Help people find you by providing non-promotional info through your website, blogs, eBooks, podcasts, etc. By offering free education, your online presence shows that you are an expert in your field. Therefore, your audience will consider you more credible and attractive.

So, is traditional advertising dead? No. When a magazine ad, billboard, or commercial can enhance your brand awareness, great. But remember, when people are interested in a specific product or service, their first action is to Google it. These are qualified buyers. Guess who they’ll buy from when they can’t find you?

Want to get found?

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Be remarkable

… or nothing less than jaw dropping

Become a Purple Cow

Do you know what a new cow looks like? Exactly. As boring as an old cow. New doesn’t necessarily mean exciting or desirable. A Purple Cow, however, stands out. It will make you look! The essence of (author) Seth Godin’s Purple Cow is that it is remarkable. It’s the reason it shines among a crowd of perfectly competent, undeniably excellent cows. Something remarkable is worth talking about, worth paying attention to. Boring stuff immediately becomes invisible.

The world is full of boring stuff – just think of brown cows and why so few people pay attention to them. Remarkable marketing is the art of building things worth noticing – whether it’s your brand, product, or service. It’s understanding from the outset that if what you’re offering isn’t remarkable, it will be invisible. Remarkable marketing will never be attention-grabbing when slapping it on last minute.

Being a Purple Cow is crucial to your success

Today, the one sure way to fail is to be boring. Why set yourself up for failure by imitating your competitors? When you look, sound, and feel the same, you’re just another… cow. When your brand is invisible, no one sees you. You’re blowing your chances for success even before they get to know you.

There are only 3 kinds of companies:

  1. Those who are remarkable.
  2. Those who want to be remarkable.
  3. Those who wonder what remarkable is.

How remarkable is your company?

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Connect Emotionally

What’s your story?

It’s all about how you make them feel

When your message connects with your potential customers on an emotional level, it triggers a part of the brain called the limbic system, which is where emotions are created. Oddly enough, it’s also responsible for decision-making. Yes, that’s right. Decision-making and emotions come from the same part of the brain.

We all make decisions based on our emotions. Most people think that we make decisions based on rational and logical thinking. But it’s been scientifically proven that isn’t correct. Your car, for instance, was carefully chosen based on emotional parameters such as personal preferences, prior experiences, and to express status. In marketing, it’s important to understand that your audience will make decisions based on how people feel about you and your product. You want them to feel good about you, right? Well, let’s get started with connecting in a positive way.

Do you connect on an emotional level with your audience? Or are you just presenting your products and services in the hope that people will take notice? Be aware that today’s online-shopper can buy anything, anywhere, at anytime. The question is, who will they buy from? Answer: From the business that connects best with its audience.

How to connect with your audience?

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Trigger Action

The art of persuasion

Building relationships one click at the time

Use specific CTA’s (Call to Action) to trigger action

No matter how creative we get, it always boils down to whether your potential customer decides to click or not to click.

In our content marketing system, the CTA (Call To Action) is your request to take action now. It should tell people exactly what to do next. But keep in mind that today’s online-savvy audience can not be forced to buy anything. Before implementing any CTA’s, you will have to define the relationship-stage of your prospect.

7-Step Relationship Builder – Our Marketing Hour Glass

Look at it like this: How many encounters did it take to “tango‘” with your partner? The relationship-building process below is just like that. How to get the dance started? Follow this 7-step process.

  • Connector.


    Are they still getting to know you? Try to connect with an emotional statement (e.g. Why rain forests are important to us).

  • Connector.


    When they connect with you through social media, you want them to like you first. People connect with what and who they know (e.g. friends, family, community).

  • Connector.


    Trust today is not what you say, it’s what people say about you.

  • Connector.


    Use no-obligation statements that reduce risk. In many cases, they’ll first ask for a free trial rather than a purchase right away. In other words, try us.

  • Connector.


    Do they have a shopping cart with you? Why are they there? Probably to buy now. So don’t give them an option to wait and think about it.

  • Connector.


    Ask them about their experience with you. Was it okay, good, or great? Or not good at all? What would it take to repeat a purchase? Ask them!

  • Connector.


    Loyalty can be bought. Advocacy can’t. Delight your client on an ongoing basis, so they will strongly refer you to others. How? Show them that you care.

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Become Preferred

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters!

Making them love you requires a marketing system

Imagine you’re on the road and think, coffee. Which coffeeshop comes to mind first? More importantly, how did this brand become your immediate choice or favourite? Wouldn’t you like to become that preferred name in your industry? There are three important steps to get there:

1. Bring Distinctive Value to your audience

Most small business owners believe they provide distinctive value already. They think that their sales claims will make a difference. The truth is: They won’t.

Here’s an example:
Homebuyer: I’m looking for a good homebuilder. Why should I choose you?
Homebuilder: We provide the best quality, service, and craftsmanship!
Homebuyer: That’s exactly what your competitors are saying. So one more time: Why should I choose you?

We’re not saying that quality, service, and craftsmanship aren’t important values. Of course they are. But the benefits as provided by the homebuilder are only perceived as expected value, not distinctive value.

Back to coffee. Most people sit down at Starbucks because of the experience. It’s ambience is carefully set to meet, work, and relax – that makes a difference. On top of that, Starbucks claims to have environmental stewardship. People like that a lot. It’s not just about quality coffee anymore.

It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it. What’s your distinctive value? Let us help you create it.

2. Deliver High Touch in a Low Expectation market

Have you been burned? Ripped off, outraged, and/or disappointed by a store, company, or brand? We bet that in most cases, you weren’t angry about the mistake that was made. You were angry about the way the mistake was or wasn’t handled.

Our expectations with online encounters are particularly low because of lack of attention, service, or respect. In the absence of human interaction, people get frustrated pretty quickly. Just try to give Google, AT&T, or Bank of America a call.

This Low Expectation for service provides an excellent opportunity to deliver a High Touch experience. Amazon is great at this. Their online shopping system is second to none.

Most business owners focus on their products. Of course these need to be good, better, or best. We all want a customer to repeat their purchase. The only way to make that happen is to provide a kick-ass buying experience.

Part of our Content Marketing System is the Marketing Hourglass that we defined above: KNOW – LIKE – TRUST – TRY – BUY – REPEAT – REFER. It ensures a High Touch experience from the first encounter to far beyond the purchase. In every ‘discovery phase’, your customer will be presented with a Call to Action (CTA) that anticipates their next step. This is a highly effective method to build trust, buying confidence, repeat purchases, and raving reviews.

3. Overcome Price Resistance with The Five Customer Values

1. Show Respect – Every customer is your most important customer.
2. Personalize – Know and understand your customer.
3. Attention – Discover what your customer wants.
4. Show You Care – Be positive and support your customer.
5. Advocate – Your customer is always right.

Want to become preferred? Get started.

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