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The chiropractors at The Vital PostureTM Clinic have reduced and helped eliminate their patients’ chronic pain issues using the highly effective, gentle NUCCA/upper cervical procedure.

Jaw Drop Marketing has assisted The Vital PostureTM Clinic with a complete symptom based communications strategy that involves their website, blogs, SEO, and social media presence.

Working together with the NUCCA president, Dr. Jeff Scholten and his highly capable team at The Vital PostureTM Clinic since May of 2018, we are already seeing the an increase in engagement from patients, potential patients, and potential referrals.

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Calgary Chiropractor

Concierto Resorts is a real estate development in Tecuanillo, Mexico, an initiative by Stephen Peterson Development Inc.

This multi-million dollar, world-class vacation and retirement resort in the making is located on a pristine Pacific beach. Concierto Resorts is now one of our primary marketing projects.

We performed the necessary marketing research to support its viability and developed the name, brand, logo, and marketing message. A full blown promotional website is now in production. Social media presence is on its way, together with an extensive online marketing campaign to attract investors, buyers, and participants globally.

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Buy real estate property in Mexico – Concierto Resorts

Tim Coli is the sole proprietor of Fortified ICS (Industrial Control SCADA – Systems). Network safety for remote server locations remains a critical issue for many oil, gas, and utility companies. Tim’s services embrace all the technical and the practical ins and outs of making remote networks function safely and smoothly.

We provided consultancy, branding, and strategic marketing services to get Fortified ICS on the road. Today, we manage website, social media, and online directories.

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industrial control system services – SCADA by Fortified ICS

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