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Making small businesses boom throughout North America.

Instrumental Business Relationship Management, or iBRM for short is a Calgary based company. Owner Peter Lijnse is a successful entrepreneur of Dutch origin. Peter met Jaw Drop’s Jack a decade ago through the Dutch/Canadian Business Club and a strong business relationship was born.

We work with iBRM through a range of marketing services: Marketing Consultancy, Research, Branding, Message Development, Website Production, Graphic Design Services, to Video Production. iBRM became one of the leading companies in the Business Relationship Management industry.

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Business Relationship Management – Instrumental BRM – iBRM

Developed by GSCM, SnapAP Accounts Payable Solutions is a automated invoice processing software for companies that receive more than 1000 invoices per month.

GSCM requested a new brand name, message, logo, website, and online marketing campaign. We helped them develop all the above. Today, SnapAP is claiming its place among top automated invoice processing providers.

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AP Automation – Accounts Payable Software Solutions

Dentalife has been a dental marketing client of ours since Jaw Drop was founded in 2001. In fact, Dentalife owner, Dr. Curtis Westersund, has been instrumental to the growth of our dental marketing agency. Grateful for tripling the size of his practice in 2007, he introduced Jaw Drop Dental Marketing to other dentists throughout North America. This was a great opportunity to establish Dr. Westersund as one of the pioneers in Neuromuscular Dentistry, and a specialist in TMJ and Sleep Disorder Treatments.

As one of Calgary’s top dentists, Dentalife has always been very progressive in applying new marketing techniques. Not in the least because of Dr. Westersund’s ability to think out of the box but also for the trust he has placed in our team. Thank you Curtis!

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Dentist Calgary Downtown – Dentalife

Concierto Resorts is a real estate development in Tecuanillo, Mexico, an initiative by Stephen Peterson Development Inc.

This multi-million dollar, world-class vacation and retirement resort in the making is located on a pristine Pacific beach. Concierto Resorts is now one of our primary marketing projects.

We performed the necessary marketing research to support its viability and developed the name, brand, logo, and marketing message. A full blown promotional website is now in production. Social media presence is on its way, together with an extensive online marketing campaign to attract investors, buyers, and participants globally.

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Buy real estate property in Mexico – Concierto Resorts

Swift RV Repairs was founded in 2015 by Calgary entrepreneur, Dave Forrest. An avid camper himself, Dave saw an opportunity in the RV market: to provide on-site RV repair services.

We assisted with the development of the company name, brand, logo, message, and all the online marketing channels (website, social media, setting up local directories, etc.).

Swift RV Repairs is now one of the busiest RV Repair companies in Calgary and surrounding areas.
Their motto: Comin’ right at ya!

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RV and trailer repairs Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane, Bragg Creek

Tim Coli is the sole proprietor of Fortified ICS (Industrial Control SCADA – Systems). Network safety for remote server locations remains a critical issue for many oil, gas, and utility companies. Tim’s services embrace all the technical and the practical ins and outs of making remote networks function safely and smoothly.

We provided consultancy, branding, and strategic marketing services to get Fortified ICS on the road. Today, we manage website, social media, and online directories.

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industrial control system services – SCADA by Fortified ICS

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