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How to Bridge the Gap with Content Marketing - Marketing Minute

How To Bridge “The Gap” With Content Marketing

Let’s say your company is in the business of selling nuts and bolts. Now, your nuts and bolts are really top notch. They’re made from stainless steel, come in 264 sizes, and even in 32 colours. Whatever it is that your customer needs – you can offer it.

BUT… no one really cares

No matter what you say, show, or do, no one seems interested in your nuts and bolts.

You made a beautiful brochure, website, and even a video talking about how great your products are. You then sent it around to where your customers can possibly find you and hear about you.

BUT… the world seems to be ignoring you completely. So, you fire your marketer because all the initiatives failed.

Why did they fail?

How to Bridge the Gap with Content Marketing - Marketing Minute
Because to the consumer, your marketing practices are outdated, unwanted, and nothing more than an annoyance. You are not bridging The Gap between your product and your audience.

What’s “The Gap”?

The Gap is NOT your product. It’s:

WHAT – you’re doing to help your prospect. What’s the problem?
WHY – you’re doing what you’re doing. Why nuts and bolts?
WHO – you are and how you contribute to make the world a better place.
WHEN – you can deliver when they need it the most.
HOW – you provide value to people’s lives.

Connect to bridge

Today, a good marketing strategy requires content that connects with your audience first.

Bridge The Gap. Watch how the world will start to pay attention to you, your brand, and your product.

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