In 2021, your patients EXPECT engaging online experiences. 

As we happily close the door on 2020, we enter 2021 understanding that COVID-19 has changed the world dramatically and permanently in more ways than one.

We have never seen more: Virtual Events, Webinars, Remote Consultations, Zoom Meetings,  Digital Demos,  E-Commerce, Internet Experiences, Netflix Views and Online Shopping … than ever before. The workplace, public space, and retail space have shifted to digital and virtual space. For good.

Demand for digital engagement will not go away after this pandemic. Actually, in 2021, more explosive online growth is expected. Now everyone expects engaging digital encounters. Including your patients.

Are you a dental practice that gets ahead, or a dental practice that gets behind?

For dentists, it is hard enough to keep up with new dental technologies let alone with digital communications technologies and changing patient expectations. But realistically, there is no time to do all of that and it requires a lot of work. WHO does all that work? Besides, innovation can be expensive.

Some dentists are nervous about their competition, confused about what their patients actually want, are maybe not that “Internet savvy”.  Others are overwhelmed by considering technology to engage with their patients digitally. Plus, 2020 was a difficult year for dentists who faced full shutdowns, making it frustrating and tougher to invest again in their practices.

Keeping up with digital experience expectations should be clear, simple and affordable.

At Jaw Drop Dental Marketing, we believe that connecting with patients online in a meaningful way should be clear, simple, and affordable. We help patients to learn more about their dentist (online) every day. We help dentists to connect with their patients (online) every day. We implement dental ‘buying decision strategies’ (online) every day. Digital engagement is what we do, and we have already seen the changes teledentistry has made to dental practices and to patient engagement.  We want to help dental practices make the inevitable transformation from ‘Online Discovery’ towards ‘Online Purchase’.

The future? Tele-dentistry.

We’re already buying cars, furniture, mortgages, vacations, insurances, food, events, and everything else online today. So why not Dentistry? Already, tele-dentistry is expanding its usage by dentists and its innovative ways to engage, interact and even diagnose patients virtually.

Dental assessments can be done virtually before an in-office appointment is made with the appropriate amount of time scheduled. Preliminary intra-oral screenshots can be taken during a video call between the dentist and patient. Virtual interactions can allow the dentist to address questions, decrease dental anxiety and build the relationship with the patient.

Tele-dentistry can be used to prescribe medications, create a treatment plan, all prior to an in-office visit. This can free up office chair time for patients who need in-office care.

Tele-dentistry can redirect the flow of patients who end up in physicians’ offices and ER for dental emergencies by giving them access to a dentist immediately.

Tele-dentistry can save overhead costs and increase office revenue. It can also help dentists achieve the important goal of improving the virtual patient experience.

So, what to do…? Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.

Hockey star Wayne Gretsky famously said his goal-scoring record was because of his strategy: “I skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Dentists need to take the same approach with their practices and adapt to where the field is moving. Sticking to the tried and true old ways of doing things will inevitably result in being left behind in the industry. Staying the course is going backwards. Early adopters will win by attracting and engaging new and younger tech savvy patients.

Here’s how we can help

We can develop online experiences that will help patients to learn more about your services in an entertaining way, engage with you on a personal level, and make immediate buying decisions in a trustworthy environment.

You might say: “I’m not ready for this.”

And that’s your decision to make.

But remember: Your competition has already decided to embrace teledentistry …

Actually, our WORLD has already decided how it wants to move on. What 2020 showed our planet is that so much more can be done virtually than we had ever imagined. While virtual encounters can never fully replace one-on-one personal experiences, they now play a new role in our culture and they offer businesses remarkable advantages in cost-savings, return on investment, accessibility, speed of purchase and service delivery, customer-focused education, and engagement. Including dentists.

What if your patients could discover more about you online, learn and see your technology at work in your practice, get preliminary assessments, and even diagnosis online, and pay for your services in advance – online?

Your 2021 #1 goal: Enrich the digital patient experience and create a seamless path to online purchase of your dental services.



1. Educate yourself 

2. Watch your competition 

3. Get ahead – now!

The way to do it …

Please do not:

  • Fall behind in the dental industry
  • Remain confused about engagement technology
  • Have patients who misunderstand what you do and how you do it
  • Feel overwhelmed
  • Continue to worry about the cost

Instead, make the choice to:

  • Feel confident regardless of changes
  • Take advantage of Internet capabilities
  • Know what your patients expect from you
  • Connect in a meaningful way online
  • Make innovation a safe investment

Today, your patients are expecting engaging digital experiences. At Jaw Drop Dental Marketing, we can help you to take advantage of the new opportunities that the virtual revolution in dentistry offers.

Use your imagination, adaptation, and adventurous spirit to try new approaches to achieve new results.

The future is now. Let us help you deliver it.

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