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Dr. Jay Patel is a young and ambitious upcoming dentist in Calgary. He provides dental services for south Calgary communities of Seton, Mahogany, Auburn Bay, Chaparral, and New Brighton.

We have turned Dr. Patel’s outdoor passion into an attention grabbing brand to be proud of. Website production, social media setup, and graphic design services followed. New patients are now coming in daily.

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Dentist Calgary SE is the third project we tackled for Dr. Scott Rose. Dr. Rose is an outstanding holistic dentist in Solon, Cleveland, OH.

In the past couple years, Dr. Rose transformed his general dentistry practice into a holistic dentistry practice. is the result of listening to this long time client and doing what’s necessary to make his practice unique. Many patients interested in holistic dentistry services in the Cleveland area now find their way to Dr. Rose.

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Holistic Dentist Cleveland – Good Health Dental

Counselling Red Deer

Dr. Tom Meyer has been practicing dentistry in the Chicago suburbs area since 1993. Dr. Meyer specializes in advanced dental care in TMJ, sleep, and cosmetic.

We provided the Meyer Dental Group with a content marketing strategy, a brand makeover, website production, social media implementation, and reputation management.

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Dentist Des Plaines

Westminster MD Dentist, Dr. Gary Imm has been a Jaw Drop client for over 10 years. It seems like together, we reinvented the online marketing wheel more than once over.

For All Smiles Care, we provide website and social media management, graphic design services, and local directory management.

Dr. Ira Shapira is a renowned neuromuscular dentist and scientist. He specializes in TMJ and sleep disorder treatments. His message: I like to think of my patients as though they were members of my family. I want them to have the quality of care they can appreciate and that I would expect for myself or my family. That’s why I try to stay current with the latest findings in the field of cosmetic dentistry.

We developed the Think Better Life name, brand, message, and marketing strategy. Not long after, his website, social media presence, and online marketing campaigns followed. Due to our marketing efforts, Dr. Shapira receives requests for treatments daily from all parts of the world

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TMJ & Sleep Disorder Dentist Chicago – Think Better Life

Dr. Levi Lowry started his new dental practice, ConfiDental, in Chestermere, Alberta, Canada. A boomtown on the shores of a beautiful lake.

We helped him to develop his own brand, his website, local marketing strategy, and campaigns. Today, ConfiDental is one of the leading dental practices in Chestermere with an ever growing clientele.

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Dentalife has been a dental marketing client since our company was founded in 2001. In fact its owner, Dr. Curtis Westersund, has been instrumental to the growth of our dental marketing agency. Grateful for tripling the size of his practice in 2007, he introduced Jaw Drop Dental Marketing to other dentists throughout North America.

Dr. Westersund is one of the pioneers in Neuromuscular Dentistry, and a specialist in TMJ and Sleep Disorder Treatments.

As one of Calgary’s top dentists, Dentalife has always been very progressive in applying new marketing techniques. Not in the least because of Dr. Westersund’s ability to think out of the box but also for the trust he put in our team. Thank you Curtis!

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Dentist Calgary

Dentists Dr. Mike and Dr. Sara Deldar are located in Noblesville, Indiana. Their dental practice, Deldar Dental, is focused on Cosmetic Dentistry and TMJ & Sleep Disorder Treatment. Hundreds of patients in their area have found successful treatment by this successful dental couple and team.

Jaw Drop Dental Marketing developed an effective marketing strategy to help them compete with the growing amount of dental competitors in Noblesville and surrounding areas.

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Noblesville Dentist is the most aspiring platform for TMD practitioners and TMJ patients all over the world. Their motto is: Conversation • Education • Alleviation. In other words, providing a platform for knowledge, science, and experience exchange, TMD online training courses, and helping TMJ patients with up to date information about TMJ symptoms, treatments, and local healthcare providers who can help them.

Jaw Drop Marketing is an active participant and advocate for this organization. We developed their brand, strategy, website, social platforms, and provides ongoing marketing management services.

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TMJ TMD Courses Training Education Information

Dr. Loreen Larsson is the owner of Health Style Dental in Regina, Saskatchawan, Canada.

We helped Dr. Larsson develop a new brand identity that reflects her dental values, treatments and philosophy. The name, logo, and message we came up with: Health Style Dental. The name says it all. As a follow up, we produced a Health Style Dental website. Dr. Larsson manages her own marketing.

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Health Style Dental

Red Deer Dentist Dr. Brian Saby is a successful, well known dentist in his community and surrounding areas. After 35 years of dentistry, he still carries the same passion for his profession. Cosmetic and restorative dentistry are his expert dentistry fields.

We helped Dr. Saby redevelop his brand, message, marketing strategy, website, social presence, and online reputation, to realign with today’s demanding audience.

Dr. Shauna Palmer is a successful general dentist in beautiful Kelowna, BC, Canada. The message to her audience: Health and Beauty Dentistry. You deserve it.

After developing her new brand, message, and marketing strategy, she built a very loyal clientele by providing outstanding customer service, and excellent dental treatments.

Jaw Drop Dental Marketing is proud to have Dr. Palmer as a dental client for almost a decade.

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Dentist West Kelowna

Dentist and prosthodontist Dr. Michael Westman is located in beautiful Racine, right on the lake in the heart of Wisconsin. Besides providing general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry, he treats patients for TMJ headaches, jaw, and ear pain. On top of that, he also provides snoring, and sleep apnea treatment.

Dr. Michael Westman is a Jaw Drop Dental Marketing client for over 5 years. We helped him develop a new dental brand, message and marketing strategy.

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Dentist Racine WI – Dr. Westman

Dr. Kathryne Sudikoff is a successful general, cosmetic, TMJ & sleep disorder dentist in Charlotte NC.

We helped her develop a new brand name, and marketing message: iDental. A brand we’re very proud of.

Many patients in her area have discovered her dental practice just because of the eye-catching logo.
Dr. Sudikoff handles her own marketing, but we’re still good friends!

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Dr. Karstan Lachman is a dental client for more than 10 years. Due to his outstanding dental treatment abilities, his Lethbridge dental practice attracts hundreds of patients every year. In 2016, a new brand name, message, and marketing strategy was implemented. We currently mange his website and local SEO.

Cool Dental is truly ‘cool’ because… well, the dentist is really cool. Cool, location, patient friendly exterior & interior, great service, treatment, staff, technology, etc. Did we mention Karstan’s cool hair?

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Dentist Lethbridge – Cool Dental

Dentist Dr. Benjamin Polan is the owner of Exceptional Dental in Beverly MA. His dental practice focuses on sleep disorders like snoring and sleep apnea treatment with oral appliances.

Exceptional Dental requested marketing consulting and SEO services, which we still perform for this client. Local marketing is performed by Exceptional Dental’s team.

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Dentist Beverly MA – Exceptional Dental

Quarry Park Dental’s dentists Arman Sonuhi, Amardeep Gill, Kirpaul Chattha, requested a new logo and website. Jaw Drop Dental Marketing developed both successfully.

Quarry Park Dental manages their own marketing.

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Quarry Park Dental

Dentist Dr. Jennifer Buchanan at You First Dental in Airdrie, Alberta, has dedicated her career to providing relationship-based dental care to the people of Airdrie and surrounding communities.

Her motto is as simple as it is exceptional:
YOU, your health, well being and satisfaction come FIRST.

When moving into her new practice (August 2016) new branding, website, and marketing strategy was provided by Jaw Drop Dental Marketing.

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Dentist Airdrie AB – You First Dental

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