Content Marketing – How To Create Valuable Content

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How to Create Valuable Content - Marketing Minute

How To Create Valuable Content

Many small business owners still apply an “Event Style Marketing” strategy. Let’s try a print ad, then a billboard, let’s get it done for next week. We qualify this as old-school marketing because it’s entirely ineffective.

Effective content marketing in a nutshell is about providing your audience with the things that truly matter in their lives on an ongoing basis. If it’s not relevant to them, why look twice? Why even notice it at all?

How to get started on creating valuable content

How to Create Valuable Content - Marketing Minute

  1. Define all the pain points in your industry
  2. Write real life problem and solution stories and identify how you provide value in your audience’s lives
  3. Publish your case studies in your blog and post a succinct summary on social media

It sounds straight forward, right? Let’s start off with this example.

Content begins with a plot

There’s a football game coming up and it’s your turn to host game night. Now all your friends threw over the top game nights and it’s your turn to wow them. You decide on impressing them with an eight-person leather recliner sofa. With the event being next Friday, you know you’ll need your hands on that sofa ASAP.

At the first store, you were told that it’ll take 13 weeks. At the next store, you’re told it’ll take at least 6 weeks. You’re starting to lose hope and you’re considering to just accept the state of your entertainment room. But you decide to give the third store a try.

They say it can arrive in 5 days. Done. You tell the sales rep, “I love you, man.”

“But sir, there will be a $150 additional fee to have it delivered to the store in 5 days,” the sales rep says.

You’re cool with it because regardless of the premium, you truly want that eight-person leather recliner sofa just in time for next Friday’s game. You give him your credit card.

What happens after is content

The third store recognized a pain point in the furniture industry: time. Now that same furniture store writes a blog about this happy customer and how he came in initially disgruntled and frustrated. In this blog, the author goes to describing how the store turned that unhappiness around because they offer a service that can receive stock in shorter time.

Then they publish the article on their website and talk about it on social media. Now, that store created valuable content.

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