Content Marketing – 7 Tips to Write a Better Blog Article

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7 Tips to Write a Better Blog Article - Content Marketing - Marketing Minute

7 Tips to Write a Better Blog Article

On last week’s Marketing Minute, I showed you how I use the AIDA format for everyday communications. This week, I’m going to dive into something more specific: blog writing. Sharing these 7 tips with you is so important, we gave it an extra minute.

Make It Part of Your Content Marketing

As I mentioned before, your content marketing must achieve likability, credibility, and authority. (What is good content?)

  • Writing blogs and gaining a readership around your passion is a great way to achieve not only likability but credibility and authority.
  • Through your blog, you can connect with your audience through an emotional level.
  • You can leverage your place in your industry.
  • You can present to your audience – in your own, authentic way – how you square with your competitors

If you’re thinking of setting a blog up or if you’ve already started, understand that a blog article is not meant to be an advertising medium. Yes, it gives your brand a voice, but what you should have in the back of your mind is this: you’re reaching out to your audience by giving them relevant information.

1. Make sure your blog can be found

7 Tips to Write a Better Blog Article - Content Marketing - Marketing Minute
Do you have the correct keywords in place? Have you done a fair share of keyword research?

Next, are you using the right keywords in the title and in the appropriate headings?

Take this very blog your reading for example. The title is “Seven Tips to Write a Better Blog.” Can you spot the keywords? We want to be found by those who wants to improve their blogs or start one.

2. Make it specific

If you’re in the financial software business and you can offer 24 solutions to reviewing budgets, don’t give them all away in one long blog post. Write about one thing at a time. Write one article about one topic, one solution, one product.

3. Organizing your blog

Present and organize with well-defined headings, subheadings, bullet points, good grammar and punctuation.

Please avoid writing as a block of text or in chunky paragraphs. People make not be as motivated to skim or read through your points.

4. Write like you’re talking

Think talking, not to so much just writing. Write as if you’re in a conversation. Answer questions and provoke some thought to trigger a response.

5. Spark an emotion

Develop a writing style that can spark emotions.


Here’s some action verbs I like to use:

  • astonish
  • captivate
  • conquer
  • delight

6. Use images

Others skim blog posts for easy to follow info. You can present your message in graphics. Don’t let visual learners down! Interesting graphics can improve the delivery of your message.

If you are going to use stock images, don’t pick the ones that everyone’s using. Just because you’ve seen it on a similar blog, it doesn’t mean you should be scraping it over.

You can be a bit more creative than that. Stand out.

7. Inspire – don’t sell!

Become an inspiration in your blog. If your whole article is geared to sell, readers will smell it. Use your knowledge and resources to help your readers and your community.

There you go – happy blogging!

We hope these seven tips can improve your existing blog or send you well on your way to writing a successful one. Work with the AIDA format and engage with your audience.

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