Content Marketing – What is Good Content?

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Content Marketing - What is GOOD content?

Content Marketing –
What is GOOD Content?

What is GOOD content?

When small business owners put themselves out there, they tend to jump on selling. For weeks now, we’ve been saying that content marketing is not about you, but about your audience and their journey.

Thus, good content marketing is not about selling.

3 points content marketing must hit home

Content marketing is about…

Do you bring distinctive value to your audience? Do you connect on an emotional level with your audience? Or are you just presenting your products and services in the hope that people will take notice?

How are you leveraging your online and offline presence as an expert in your field? How are you proving you’re the best in your industry? That you are what you say you are – an expert.

How do you square with your competitors? Do you rank higher than them in reviews? Do you occasionally write in a blog about your passion?

Businesses, beware

Be aware that today’s shopper can buy anything, anywhere, anytime, anyhow from anybody in the world. And before they know you, they need to find you, like you and trust you.

But how can they commit to liking you and trusting you if they have yet to buy your product or service? Well, it’s important that they try you. Even when they made up their minds, they rather try you first instead of buying from you right a way.

Use no-obligation statements that reduce risk. In many cases, they’ll first ask for a free trial rather than a purchase right away.

In short, good content is not about what you want to sell

It’s about why people would buy from you. Here are some reasons why today’s shoppers would buy from you:

  • You have a good reputation, the world is saying good things about you via review sites such as Google, Yelp, and Facebook.
  • You are socially active and responsible.
  • You have a cause, you’re clearly not selling.
  • You educate – this makes you authentic.
  • You’re personal, the real meal deal.
  • You are transparent, you are an authority in your marketplace.
  • You speak, you write, and you have an online presence.

When your content marketing is not doing half or all of this, there’s a high chance your audience is buying from your competitor.

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