Content Marketing – Think Global, Act Local

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Marketing Minute - Think Globally. Act Locally.

Content Marketing –
Think Global. Act Local.

Adapting to a more global today

When it comes content marketing, “Think Global, Act Local” means to adapt to the global economy and to apply an effective local search strategy.

Thinking globally means accepting the ongoing digital transformation that has unfolded before our eyes in these past decades. Without sounding like a textbook, people today would rather search, find, and select for themselves. To “Think Global” is to accept today’s universal trends. One of which is mobile first.

Mobile First

60% of online searches now come from mobile devices. Yes, your website must be mobile friendly, but this also means you must be me mobile ready. You need to be found by people who are on the or predominantly on their smartphones.

If you’re in a cafe or in a crowded public space, look around. Mostly everyone around you has a smartphone in hand.

Act Local

Act Global. Think Local.

What does it mean to “Act Local”?

Today’s customer demands better experiences. User friendly apps like Yelp, Google Maps, and Zomato – just to name a few – are now depended on by millions of people for their local searching needs.

Be Buyer Centric

These review apps and review websites aim to do just that. They have a “Buyer Centric Vision.” It’s much easier to read about what others has got to say about a business before getting disappointed the hard way. This is why I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to build a local online presence through good rankings on local directories and review sites/apps like Yelp, Foursquare, or City Search.

Even sometimes – for the sake of simplicity – consumers are asking their phones via Siri or Andy where they should go. I know when I tell Siri “Find a marketing company nearby.” It responds with “I found Jaw Drop Marketing.”

Now that’s “Mobile First” at its best with a local search strategy in place.

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