How many first impressions can you make?

That’s right. Only one.

A first impression is when you first encounter another person or brand and a mental image is formed.

Your impressions may not be accurate of what the brand or the person is really about, but who cares. Your opinion is your opinion. Once it’s formed, first impressions stabilize your opinions.

And that’s one of Reputation Management’s many uses: to appease our tendencies to generalize first impressions and to make every single one a good one.

“But I’m the best!”

Reputation Management - Marketing Minute
In the Marketing Minute video, you saw that I ran through a simple Google search of a dentist in Denver. All essentially said the same thing. $59 exams. Great care.

Now, why would I choose any of the results that came up? Well, first of all, I won’t. Yet – anyway.

The search for a dentist in Denver is far from over. I’m going to go on Yelp, check out the Google reviews. Maybe check out these clinics’ Facebook reviews if I have time.

That’s what most people do everyday when they want to search for a reliable company with good value. Yes, your website needs to provide clear and helpful info but what you say about yourself if not relevant anymore. What really counts now is what others are saying about you.

Where are your “good reviews”?

Good and bad reviews formulate first impressions without making anyone step a foot in your clinic or store. Therefore, it should damn be on your priority list to manage.

Telling others how great you are in your website’s copy is not good enough. We all have free access to review sites and those who had a negative experience wants to sway your first impression. Likewise for happy customers that want to support your cause.

Reputation Management: Ready, Set, Go!

A good reputation can’t be bought. By consistently being genuine and always providing great buying experience for your customers, you’re on the road to reputation management.

Those that want to support you will recognize your excellence and how great you really are. Gather positive experiences every day and watch your business soar.

See you next week!

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