Content Marketing – The Importance of Storytelling

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Content Marketing –
The Importance of Storytelling

There’s no denying that everyone likes a good story

A good story is memorable and moving. It’s not limited to novels or the screen. For brands, it’s the perfect way to show their personality and their desired outlook on the world. Brands that live the story they tell in their content marketing is already doing better than their competitors. Why might that be? Authenticity.

Authenticity is hard to come by these days with the influx of advertising we’re bombarded with online and offline. Eventually, you need to ask yourself: Who are you?

Listen up

Do you want your brand’s message to be memorable and moving? Tell a great story and live it.

This is how you can get people to actually pay attention to you. To listen to you. To even notice you.

Storytelling is not about telling the world how good you are. Or how good your product or services are. It’s about using emotion, metaphors, and relationships to connect with your audience.

Stories that are shaping the world

Content Marketing - The Importance of Storytelling

Here are some great examples:

  • TOMs “One for One” makes people think the difference they can make when they purchase a pair of shoes
  • Uber makes us consider the simplicity of getting around the city
  • Nike tells stories about winning
  • Coca-Cola tells stories about happiness
  • Apple tells stories about exciting lifestyles

I’ll say it again: everyone loves a good story.

So, what’s yours?

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