Content Marketing – How to create a good story with The Golden Circle

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Marketing Minute - How to create a good story with The Golden Circle

How to create a good story with The Golden Circle

Remember: Everyone loves a good story

Last week, we identified how important storytelling is to your content marketing, to your brand, and to any business owner’s personal development. We addressed how a good story can go a long way: it can get people to actually pay attention to you, to listen to you, and to like you.

Now I bet some of you are asking, “How do I start to even tell a good story?

Let me introduce the Golden Circle – the key to successful storytelling. See the diagram below to easily follow. Content Marketing - The Golden Circle

  1. Always build your story inside out: Why
    • The Why is what keeps your audience and watchers awake at night. It’s what gets them thinking about your product or your service.
    • The Why is focused on emotions and connecting. It’s what gets people thinking about their own relationships and their place in the world around them.
  2. How
    • The How is how YOU are contributing to solving some sort of problem. This is where you can tell them about opportunities, the process, and the savings involved with your cause. This is where you can spill the details about the convenience it brings to the consumer.
    • The How is putting Why into action.
  3. What
    • The What is what it is you’re actually selling. It’s your product, your service, or your cause.

Brainstorm with the Golden Circle and see your story materialize step by step.

Making the What jaw dropping

Always remember, your story will guide people to the What (what you’re selling) through the most interesting way, via emotions, metaphors, and relationships.

The concept of the Golden Circle and fine storytelling hits this aspect of content marketing home: People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Let the Why and How make the What jaw dropping.

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