Anyone who has an idea of what marketing is knows that every business owner must target an audience. Having a niche attracts the right customers, leading to a better ROI. At the core of targeting is building customer personas.

You’ve heard of this before: Speak your customer’s language

Every sales professional knows that they must see eye to eye with the customer. Earn their trust. Listen to their needs. In turn, gain their business.

But sales is not marketing. For marketers, the customer’s journey is not at arm’s reach like it is for sales professionals. If you’re a small business owner looking to improve your marketing, this applies to you too.

Online Marketing is about…

  • Making the phone ring
  • Stacking your inbox with contacts
  • Making sure people visit your storefront (without actual personal contact prior to)

When the above doesn’t happen, there won’t be any consultation calls or sales at all. Today’s customer requires that you know them and speak their language for you meet them.

How to build customer personas

Teh Customer Person - Marketing Minute
You need to know your desired audience’s…

  • Demographics (gender, age, rough idea of their annual income)
  • Education
  • Career path
  • Average day description
  • What kind of decisions to they deal with?
  • What are their primary pain points that relate to your product or service?
  • Relationships, lifestyle, freedom, money? What do they value most in life?
  • How do they connect with family and friends?
  • What’s important to them in selecting a product or a service? Experience, leadership, social initiatives, technology?
  • Why would they not choose you equally to the next business?

You can only speak your customer’s language when you actually know them.

Understand and Know Your Audience

Today’s consumer expects that businesses genuinely understand them. It’s your way in. Once you’re in, they’ll also understand you.

Build customer personas to provide a better buying experience and see your business grow.