Content Marketing – The 30 Second Elevator Pitch

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The 30 Second Elevator Story

When “hello” becomes “what do you do”?

Imagine this. You’re in an elevator and a VP of a company you want to do business with walks in. Or for a more realistic scenario, you’re in an elevator with a stranger that’s started to small talk.

Now with the VP, what will you say in 30 seconds to spark his interest?
Now with the stranger, what will you say when “hello” turns into “what do you do?”

What would you say to someone when you have only 30 seconds to grab their attention?

According to my many encounters, people usually answer with their job titles.

“I’m an accountant.”

“I’m a realtor.”

“I’m dental hygienist.”

Surprise, surprise, my answer wouldn’t be “I’m a marketer”

It would sound more like this: “I’m in the business of finding you new clients every day.” Content Marketing - The 30 Second Elevator Speech
That will spark more of a response than “I’m a marketer.”

As an accountant, you could say: “I try to make my clients pay the least amount of taxes.”
As a realtor, you could say: “My mission is to find my clients the best place to live.”
As a dental hygienist, you could say: “I help patients live longer by improving their oral health.”

As a business owner, when you and your team of 15-20 hit the perfect elevator pitch every time, you all could add another 20 or so clients just the way you all interact with others around you.

Take the Jaw Drop Marketing team in the Marketing Minute as examples. They all have “titles” but what they do can be described by more than two words, which has the potential to make them all and Jaw Drop Marketing more memorable.

What’s your elevator speech?

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