Image of Calgary dentist, Dentalife - Dr. Curtis WestersundIf you have ever experienced or known anyone that is suffering from jaw pain or migraines caused by TMJ disorder, it may be worth your while to learn about a house name in dentistry. Dr. Curtis Westersund’s life-long career revolves around improving the lives of TMJ and sleep disorder patients. In fact, he’s seen as one of the pioneers of neuromuscular dental treatments.

As an active participant in bettering dentistry, Dr. Westersund has published in two books and in the scientific journal CRANIO®: The Journal of Craniomandibular & Sleep Practice. If that’s not impressive enough, he has a book scheduled to publish in 2017 titled Fight Over Bite: The TMJ Controversy.

Besides being one of Calgary’s most recommended dentists, Dr. Westersund lectures worldwide on the Physiology of Occlusion and the treatment of TMJ disorders.

DentalifeClient Since 2001

Dr. Westersund has been a dental marketing client since our founding days in 2001. He has been instrumental to the growth of Jaw Drop’s dental marketing agency.

In 2007, we tripled his practice. The brand identity we developed for Dentalife’s reflects his physiological approach to dentistry. His tagline is “Making the Mouth, Body, Life Connection.” Grateful for the success of his rebranding, Dr. Westersund introduced Jaw Drop to a network of dentists.

Dental marketing designs website.Dentalife is ready for the Future

On December 2016, Dentalife’s brand relaunched. His new website and marketing strategy continues to remain true to the practice’s Mouth, Body, Life approach. With his knack of thinking outside the box, Dr. Westersund has trusted us to incorporate an online Meet and Greet function on

Meeting Dr. Westersund first online, without having to be at his practice, allows patients to be 100% sure about making any dental decisions. The online Meet and Greet function will be useful for patients in remote locations and for those hesitant to see a dentist right away. Many may be curious at how dentistry can treat their TMJ pain and sleep disorder.

In addition to a redesigned website and the desire to connect with patients all over North America, Dentalife will be using our 2017 content strategy system. We aim to connect Dentalife to not only their current patients in Alberta but to a worldwide audience.

To learn more about Dr. Curtis Westersund or Dentalife, click here: Downtown Calgary Dentist.