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25+ years of marketing experience

Jaw Drop Marketing Corp. was founded in 2001 and is privately owned by:
Jack Vanderlee – Certified Strategic Marketing Consultant (CSMC), President & CEO
Astrid Vanderlee – Graphic Design, Office Management & CFO

Jack Vanderlee

born in the Netherlands (living in Calgary, Canada since 1999), is the creative and driving force behind Jaw Drop Marketing. After a classical guitar & piano education he founded Prime Time Studio (1987), an audio & video production facility for solo artists, bands, and radio/television commercials. Over the years, Jack’s multi-creative skills as a musician, composer, sound-engineer, videographer, video editor, and multimedia producer, developed towards strategic marketing thanks to his intuitive and effective approach to connect with any audience.

Today, as Jaw Drop Marketing’s cheerleader, Jack is even more passionate about new creative communication strategies, technologies, and media.

Jack’s mission: Making it Personal.

Astrid Vanderlee

born in the Netherlands (living in Calgary, Canada since 1999), started out as a talented graphic designer. Today she is the organizational and financial force behind Jaw Drop Marketing. Her approach to creative and results is simple but effective: Let’s do it. But on spec, on time, and on budget. Astrid’s creative talents, combined with strong business skills, have been providing Jaw Drop Marketing with a unique and solid operational foundation for over 15 years.

Astrid’s mission: Making it Personal.

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