Marketing predictions for 2017

Are you ready for 2017?

The art of small business marketing is changing rapidly.

New marketing…

  • channels are increasing daily.
  • technologies are being offered daily.
  • communication pieces such as press releases and blog articles are publishing daily.
  • techniques are being implemented daily.

Change is everywhere. They’re coming at you daily.

Just in case you aren’t exactly prepared, we put together the infographic and tips below. Check ’em out.

Albert Einstein said it best: Nothing beats preparation!

Want to know more about what’s coming at you in the New Year? Feel free to talk to us.

10 Marketing Predictions for 2017 - Infographic

1. The Millennial Generation will get a grip on shaping the corporate landscape.

Tired of change? Hold on to your boots because you ain’t seen nothing yet. This generation is impacting our media, business, and communication. Profoundly so, this generation is also affecting the financial and the political landscape today. The amount of change initiated by what we can call the “Millennial Intervention” will continue to accelerate in the next ten years. Aligning your marketing strategies and channels with “The Millennial Mind”‘ will be crucial to your business. Are you prepared for change?

2. Branding will be all about WHO you are, not WHAT you are.

There was a time when brands were just about things (the product), services (the experience), or concepts (the “how”). The future of branding is about values and access. Today’s successful brands help create communities based on their shared values. Owning the product or the service of a brand will become less and less important. Community accessibility and expressing individual values and diversity will be key to your success. What’s your story?

3. The Mobile Revolution will go into orbit.

Where is your potential customer? On their mobile device! Optimizing for mobile and creating a mobile marketing strategy are two things that must prepare for in 2017. No excuses. About 80% of Internet users own a smartphone. About 50% of consumers start a search on their mobile device. Over 70% of smartphone users grab their device as soon as they wake up every morning. Get ready for the mobile revolution – it’s here already.

4. How to CONNECT will be crucial for every marketing strategy

Often clients ask: How can we sell more? Here’s the answer: By connecting better and connecting more. Did you define the emotional motivators for your product or service? Or are you just “Showing what you’ve got” to the world? Why, how, and when would they buy from you? Is what you sell easy to find, easy to compare, and easy to access? And here’s a very important one: Is your brand likeable? Connect better and win.

5. Content marketing will continue to replace traditional marketing.

We’re at the beginning of yet another major change in human behavior. People are rapidly changing the way they read, interact, and engage with content. The key shift has been the mobile revolution. Now the look, sound, feel, and the entire experience of content consumption is in motion. Television, newspapers, and magazines are losing market share fast. What to do? Adapt to an online, content driven marketplace.

6. Blogging will be all about Quality, not Quantity

Written content is critically important and always will be. This is one of the primary ways people learn and absorb information. But image, audio, and video consumption is catching up fast. To compete with these more entertaining forms of content, the logical thing to do is enhance your style of blogging. Niche driven, long formatted, storytelling blogs will still be preferred by Google. Go for quality, substance, and share-ability.

7. Video marketing will reach maturity.

That means you will become your own broadcaster. Many companies now assign a Director of Video Strategy. Sales teams demand video resources. Press releases are now in video format. Trailers, webinars, and eLearning – they’re now on video. YouTube is now the second largest and fastest growing search engine. Television is fading but you can still reach your audience in their living room.. through video marketing.

8. Social media platforms will become search engines too.

Today, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. want to be your content’s publisher. They actually don’t want to send links back to your website. They want to enhance “dwell time,” embedding your well thought of, quality content on their platforms. In short, social media channels want to be your blog, advertising medium, and your search engine. Wake up, integrate your best practice SEO strategies on social media as well.

9. eCommerce will become an even larger spending channel.

Driven by the millennial generation, consumers are adopting to new technologies rapidly. But online shopping will always lack the biggest satisfaction factor: the instant gratification of buying a physical product. To drive online sales, what should small business focus on?

  1. Mobile access
  2. User friendly interfaces
  3. Video content
  4. Social advertising
  5. Instant gratification. Be fast, faster, the fastest!

10. Big Data will become the leading tool to analyze buy behaviours.

Your website, social media, and other online channels are generating a myriad of useful data per second. Every click is now recorded and documented. The objective is clear: analyze your customer’s buying behavior. Although ‘Big Data’ is in its infancy, data volumes will continue to expand. But inaccurate analysis and misinterpretation will be a growing concern. By 2020, decision making softwares will be available to tackle this issue.